Funk Shui

Funk Psui Score (Preview)


Clarinet in Bb, Bass Clarinet in Bb

Program Notes:

Funk Shui was composed in the spring of 2016 for Dr. Jun Qian (Assistant Professor of Clarinet at Baylor University) and is approximately 6 minutes in duration. The composition was inspired by Chinese martial arts and depicts two sparring partners in a friendly, yet fiery scrimmage. The two fighters differ in their styles: while one is acrobatic and exceedingly agile, the other is sturdy and immensely powerful. The piece attempts to capture the flow of energy, or qi,that is so essential to feng shui practice. The composition was later adapted for Alto and Baritone Saxophone duo, and Violin and Cello duo. Extended technique in the piece includes circular breathing in the second voice (preferred, but not essential).